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Pc Assembly:

We at Mythic Creations, master the craft of constructing bespoke structurally durable and aesthetically-pleasing PCs that are a reality to our customers’ imagination. Being one-of-a-kind, we excel the art of assembling PCs that are certainly nowhere else to be found. With a trusted clientele that is a testament to the statured Samuel designs, all it takes is a conversation with our valued customers to deliver an aesthetical, technological beauty.

We take a keen interest in our clients’ set of specific needs to build one-of-a-kind custom PC. This is why it matters not if you need a budget gaming PC or a fully-equipped, hi-end machine for extreme gaming, we eminently produce them all. Samuels’ peculiar attention to detail allows him to single-handedly assemble customizable PCs that are an exceptional value for your money. From the quality of the components used to the epitome of performance they are capable of achieving, Mythic Creations is all about customising your gaming experience to the very core!

Full-scale Pc Case design:

We are the preeminent providers for exquisite PC designs that are every avid gamers’ dream. We excel in constructing bespoke PC cases that are customised to our customers’ specific needs. With plenty of years of experience in making PCs from scratch, we are proud to produce PC casings that are second to none.

With numerous models made and countless more that are currently under process, what has not changed even a bit is the underlying principle of our creative process. In essence, the design comes first, durability in the built, and designs that always stay relevant. Staying true to our core values is what has allowed us to keep producing technical solutions that are personally crafted to perfection by Samuel Morley. Because what matters at the end of the day, it’s not the fact that it is a ‘Computer’, rather its ‘Your Computer’ that makes it stand out!

Component stockists:

Constructing a state-of-the-art and a single gaming PC is impossible without the primary and secondary components taken into consideration. The process of crafting a high-end gaming PC can be complicated, depending on the specifications that the customer wants to be embedded in their PC. Matters not if you need a custom PC built for your routine use or elite gaming experience, we, at Mythic Creations, provide custom components to cater to your needs. All of our custom components are unique and are finished with premium coatings. A few of the custom PC components we produce are:

  • Custom spiral knurl nuts
  • Custom engraved glass
  • Innovative cable management
  • LED diffusers.