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About Us

Founded and run singlehandedly by Samuel Morley, Mythic Creation is the home for aftermarket gaming PC Hardware and Peripherals that are crafted to perfection by hands. Born and raised in South Cornwall, UK, Samuel has always been an avid gamer ever since he was 6. With keen attention to details and his capability to craft eloquent PC peripherals, Samuel bought his first Laser Cutting machine when he was 16. This is where his passion for crafting exceptional gaming PC peripherals ignited, leading him to peruse his love as his profession!

Having an extensive engineering background and a passion for creating bespoke gaming PCs, Samuel Morley has self-sufficiently mastered the art of designing and manufacturing gaming PCs that are an eminent depiction of his creativity and artistic imagination. Returning to his gamer’s community, Samuel started Mythic Creations, the ultimate home to aftermarket gaming PCs.